Block annoying chat widgets

Hello, Goodbye is an open source browser extension that blocks chat widgets. Available for Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

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Chat Widgets take up data

By installing Hello, Goodbye you are not only blocking annoying widgets. Websites will be loading faster as well, since chat widgets take up time to load.

Even better: On mobile, you'll save your data for what you want to see, and not on annoying widgets.

Stay In Control

Obviously, you will need chat widgets at some point, to contact support. The extension helps you with this by indicating all sites where it has blocked a widget with a small badge. You can then disable the extension temporarily from the popup menu and access the help widget.

We all hate trackers.

That's why I decided to not track you around. There is no Google Analytics on this site, and there are absolutely no trackers in the extension.

The extension is open source and paid for by you. This means that nobody will be tracking you.

People Love Hello, Goodbye

It's like Adblock for chatbots - is this the future? @bcye_tw


Will this be the new adblock? | Hello, Goodbye" blocks every chat or helpdesk pop up in your browser.

This really made my day:

We create crappy web experience for our users, then smart people build extensions for make this web experience less crappy. Meet "Hello, Goodbye!" a Chat popup blocker

Nobody wants to be interrupted on the web:
✓ Ad blockers.
✓ Cookie prompt blockers.
✓ Video auto-play blockers.
✓ Tracking blockers.
Next: Chat pop-up blockers.
"Hello Goodbye” blocks every helpdesk pop up by default.

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